Local Chapter Postcard (and custom font)

Direct mail piece for a professional association featuring the beginnings of a custom font.

Local Chaper Postcard (& custom font)
Direct mail and no, I did not choose the image.
I have a deep hatred of portfolios that are all fun logo experiments and crazy show poster because that represents about 1% of what I am normally asked to do so it's time for me to pony up.

Not everything is super cool and up-and-coming but I feel like it's my job to make the best out of the "normal" corporate work. Sometimes, that is harder than others. Like, for instance, when I'm given very "clip art" like imagery to work with. In this case, I tried to make lemonade but creating an origami font to go with the little cut out people. It's a little thing but I think it make what could have been another postcard that lingers in your mailbox for a minute before heading straight into the recycling bin into something someone might stop and read.

I only have a select set of letters (slightly more than featured in the headline) done for the font but am hoping to find some help to put it together once they're all ready!
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