Unlike many of my projects, no amount of mocking up will ever get me close to experiencing the 20+ ft walls of the Annual Booth graphics so I'm always so excited when project managers send me photos of as it goes up. In some photos the extra pieces around the booths are still being arranged but I love seeing how the big curvy walls (there are two of them!) work in the space. (Scroll down for the other large Annual Conference booth--the Certification Lounge.)
In addition to the main SHRM booth they also have a large space called the SHRM Certification Lounge for their member. This area follows the branding of the conference (versus the branding of SHRM itself as in the booth).
Photos by: Cassie Jameson (#1, 2, 3, 4, 8)  and Anne Ryan (#5, 6, 7) (anneryanphoto.com)
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