Baby's First Annual Report
Baby calendars are a popular product for new parents who don't have the time to elaborately journal their little one's first year. The only problem is that all of them are ridiculously cutesy.

I've been a fan of Feltron's Annual Reports so I set about creating a cool baby calendar for designers and aficionados alike. 

Beginning with a page to chart important birth facts there are then 13 blank months, each with a section to document vitals, an area to free write “All About Baby”, and a place to affix a photo of your little cutie pie. Categories such as “Milestones,” “Tricks,” “Foods I’ve Tried,” and “Say What?” are added in later months when your baby can do something other than stare at ceiling fans.

Unlike other baby calendars there are easy charts and graphs for you to fill out including such gems as "Mood By Time of Day" (chart baby's and parents') and "Toys vs. Floor Space in Main Living Area".

I have tried hard to leave the calendar untethered to traditional family types in the hopes that this will be loved and spit up upon by ALL families.

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