End Discrimination in Our Nation T-shirt (proceeds to charity)
Often social media is a time suck from everyday life but every once in awhile good things come of it. A friend from high school who I was close with but hadn't seen or spoken to in awhile posted a photo of herself in a "No Hate In My State" shirt with the caption "I guess I need one of these for my whole country now." I'm pretty quick to jump aboard when someone says they need a new t-shirt. We talked on an actual phone and came up with "End Discrimination in Our Nation." 

We wanted to help start conversations and raise money for those who are helping even more so all profit from the sales will be donated to the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center

We're using Cotton Bureau to print and sell so we have 8 days left and have sold 35 at the time of writing! If we hit 50 we get an extra $1 per shirt sold of profit so please like and share (and buy!)

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